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بله تعجب نکنبد ، چند نفر از دوستداران وردپرس برای نشان دادن علاقه خود به این CMS یک آهنگ با نام Its Called WordPress درست کرده اند.

مشاهده ویدیو it’s called wordpress
دریافت آهنگ it’s called wordpress

متن آهنگ:

Welcome to my story bout my, CMS
It’s an awesome piece of software, it’s called WordPress
It manages my blog, it makes it look real niceI
installed in in 5 minutes, this things slicker than ice
All I had to do, was click on Next
Within seconds I was running, no room to get vexed
It’s called WordPress
It’s my CMSI
t’s the best thing to hit the web since porn
The code is open, the source is free
It’s available for people, just like you and me
Once I picked my title and wrote a description,
I clicked on manage, I needed to do so me fixin’
I deleted Hello World, got rid of first comment, too
I clicked on View Site and all I saw was plain blue
I moved to Presentation, there were some nice looking themes
But none fit my style, none screamed Devin Reams
After I tweaked the code and played with CSS
I installed myself some plugins, I was real impressed
They organized my archives, they helped me tag, too
Then I installed a spam blocker not a single one came through
I added movie ratings and book ratings as well
Now when people visit me they’ll know that Crank was hell
So I made an about page, it got me a stalker
I was thrilled and excited, I wanted to to talk to her
She said she knew my hometown, what I looked like, too
It was mentioned that she loved guys with eyes that were blue
I didn’t mind the attention, decided it was time she had met me
Little did I know, some people named their boys Leslie
Now you might be thinking, he plays piano real good
I wish it were true, I sure wish I could
Instead I wrote the lyrics to this nerdy tune,
It was GarageBand provided ballad piano number 2
Chorus x2
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